Your Guide to Ticket to Ride, Part 6: Ticket to Ride: India

Hot on the heels of Ticket to Ride: Asia, Days of Wonder has released a second addition to their Ticket to Ride Map Collection, Ticket to Ride: India. […]

Your Guide to Ticket to Ride, Part 5: Ticket to Ride: Asia

While I prefer Legendary Asia’s map and tickets, the team play of Team Asia is still innovative, streamlined, and fun. […]

Your Guide to Ticket to Ride, Part 4: Märklin and Alvin & Dexter

The latest in the comprehensive guide to the Ticket to Ride series includes aliens, dinosaurs, and… whatever a Märklin is. […]

Your Guide to Ticket to Ride, Part 3: Switzerland and Nordic Countries

Although Ticket to Ride: Europe was directly followed by Ticket to Ride: Märklin, that title is quite a bit different from the others, while Europe, Nordic Countries, and Switzerland all have similar feels and traits.

Nordic Countries and Switzerland are both maps intended for two or three players – shorter, cramped maps for tight […]

Your Guide to Ticket to Ride, Part 2: Europe and Europa 1912

In part 1 of this series, I discussed the original Ticket to Ride and its expansion, USA 1910. It’s a great game with a great expansion, and the expansion is true to the game, correcting some errors while keeping the game efficiently streamlined and simple. With any series though, publishers are always wanting more […]

Your Guide to Ticket to Ride, Part 1: USA, 1910

Ticket to Ride has become an international phenomenon since its Spiel des Jahres win in 2004, so much so that I recently was happy to discover a few copies at the local Barnes & Noble. Mainstream market penetration is no easy feat in a country dominated by thousands of themed reprints of Monopoly and Clue. […]