MeepleTown Staff

ChristianChristian Wilson
Editor in Chief

From my first forays into Dungeons and Dragons during elementary school (original “red box” represent!) to the epic Talisman and BattleTech sessions throughout high school, I have been playing tabletop games for nearly three decades.  I was introduced to modern boardgaming via Settlers of Catan sometime around 1999, and I was instantly hooked.

Whether I’m getting ready for the next session with my awesome local gaming group or planning out the year’s aggressive (some would say foolhardy) convention schedule, rarely a day goes by when I don’t think about boardgames. I created MeepleTown to share my excitement about the hobby with the online community.

Meeple Color: Green

Favorite Games: Space Alert, Dungeon Lords, Homesteaders

HillaryHillary Wilson
Events Editor

I’m Hillary, and I’m a nanny, jewelry artist, dancer, and hippie.

Actually, I am one of those rarest of rare creatures: a female gamer.  Being a girly girl means that I always play with pink or purple, that I do, in fact, create unique and amazing sculptures out of games bits, and that I LOVE pretty games.  However, being across the table from me means never knowing when I am going to dismantle that architectural masterpiece made of Agricola fences and turn it into a pasture the size of your head.  I may seem quiet, gentle, and frilly but there is actually some thought going on behind those glitter-covered eyes, and it usually involves kicking your ass, especially if you are my husband.  What I love about gaming is that it’s always new: there’s always a new game to play, a new strategy to try, new people to meet, new places to go, and new meeple sculptures to create.

Meeple Color: Purple

Favorites: Union Pacific, Innovation, Code 777

DerekDerek Thompson
Interview / Reviews Editor

I got into boardgames just in the past year, thanks to a friend introducing my wife and I to The Settlers of Catan. We immediately bought it and played it to death, along with Carcassonne, Dominion, Ticket to Ride and other famous Spiel des Jahres winners. Since then, we’ve delved a bit deeper, and now have about fifty games in total, and host frequent game nights at our apartment. My favorite designers are Bruno Cathala for the strong themes, and Reiner Knizia for the clever, simple rules.

Meeple Color: Black

Favorites: Magic: The Gathering, Dominion, Cyclades