Hello 2016! – Week of January 11, 2016

Hope you all had a great Christmas! My wife totally surprised me with a copy of Viticulture Essential Edition! Can’t wait for that to hit the table. In the meantime, expect a written review of Raptor going up the same time as this, and here is this week’s MeepleTown Musings, where I make uneducated guesses at […]

What’s new this week!? Dec 14, 2015

Hey everybody! As we continue our text-and-also-video experiment, I thought it might help to just make a weekly post letting you know what all new content is out there for you. There will be a written editorial today (been a while!), and we’ve got another MeepleTown Musings, below:


And stay tuned for a […]

MeepleTown Goes Video?!

Hey everybody! I’ve got a new camera, and I thought I would try some video reviews. Here is our YouTube channel. This may be a short-lived experiment, or it may be a permanent switch, or maybe it’ll be a hybrid… but PLEASE give us feedback! And have a very Merry Christmas!


Thanks for a great […]

Arcane Wonders Mage Wars Companion App Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Thanks to our awesome friends at Arcane Wonders, we are giving away a free purchase code for the iPad version of the Mage Wars Companion App! To enter, simply like our page and comment on this post about your favorite Mage Wars memory! Good luck!

Happy Holidays from MeepleTown!

We’re taking a break until January 5th, at which point you can expect a slew of reviews of games we’ll be playing over Christmas! Until then, happy gaming!



Asmodee Games Giveaway!

Giving away some games! […]

Happy Holidays from MeepleTown!

We’re on break until January to be with us and ours, so Happy Holidays to you and yours! When we start back up in January, I will be blogging weekly about my experience teaching a “Social Board Games” course at Trine University where I am a mathematics professor, although this course will actually focus on […]

AEG’s “Trains” giveaway!

Want a brand new copy of AEG’s Trains? Check out our Facebook page, like it, and then like & share the contest post! We’ll pick the winner on Friday, August 23rd! Good luck!



Happy Holidays from MeepleTown!

Starting today, we’re taking a break over the holiday, and we’ll start back up again after the new year. Personally, I am starting a new job in January and will have less time to write, although I’ll still be doing as much as I can. That means we’re looking for contributors! We can’t pay for […]

Shadows over Camelot: the Card Game Giveaway!

We’re giving away a copy of the new Shadows over Camelot: the Card Game! To enter, like our page on Facebook, and share our post about the contest! The contest will end Wednesday, December 19th, at 11:59 P.M. Eastern. Happy holidays from MeepleTown!