Week of January 25, 2016 – Live Plays of Codenames and Good Cop Bad Cop: Undercover!

Hey everybody! This week we’ve got two Live Plays! First up is Good Cop Bad Cop with the upcoming Undercover expansion. Keep in mind we played with a prototype. This will be on Kickstarter on February 16th. Check it out:

Secondly, we recorded a couple of games of Codenames, our 2015 Game of the […]

The Big World of Small World, Part 3: Small World Realms

These individual scenarios make the game world feel big in a very good way – it feels like you can begin to actually tell stories within the game’s universe, making the game much more than it was before […]

Arkham Horror Campaign Part 2: Abhoth

With all of the Play On Con insanity finished for the year, the group decided to continue our ongoing Arkham Horror campaign.

If you caught our previous installment, you may remember that our stalwart band of investigators took out Hastur in an epic and carnage-filled final battle.  This time around we tackled Abhoth, a menacing […]

Off the Board: Tales of a grizzled MechWarrior

Each Friday, Off the Board invites you to step away from the boardgame table for a moment and take a look at other types of games, hobbies, or pastimes. Regardless of the topic, the keyword is always “fun”, of course! This week, Christian relates an old war story, and looks ahead to epic battles with […]

Arkham Horror Campaign Part 1: Hastur

Aww, look at Hastur. Isn’t he the cuddliest little thing?

Okay, maybe not, but he’s definitely the least-nasty of the random Ancient Ones we picked for our ongoing Arkham Horror campaign.

The Personal Story failure conditions for two of our characters are based on the Terror Level, so we knew that we couldn’t let the […]

Session Report: Shadows Over Camelot

Only a master of evil, Palamedes.

Rather than posting a full review, I wanted to approach Shadows Over Camelot from a different direction and give a recap of my first playthrough of the game.

We had a couple of newbies at the table (myself included), so we set up the game and then paused for […]

Arkham Horror Campaign: The Story Begins

My recent acquisition of a complete Arkham Horror collection has inspired me and a group of my fellow gaming friends to embark on an epic, multi-session campaign, each time facing a new Ancient One and drawing one step closer to a final showdown with Cthulhu.

We’re using only the Dunwich Horror expansion to start, along […]