Review: Happy Salmon

At Gen Con 2015, I met Nick Bentley from North Star Games. He talked to me about what was next for Evolution, and also about a “super secret game” that he couldn’t show me because it was “easy to replicate.” Then he began to talk about fist bumps and high fives, and he slapped my arm […]

Review: Brix

Brix is a simple, clean abstract game with a beautiful, fun look and interesting gameplay. […]

Review: Stockpile

Stockpile is an accessible, well-designed introduction into the world of stock market games. […]

Educational Games Round-Up: Dr. Eureka, Fast Flip, Odd World

Derek takes a look at three educational games from Foxmind and Blue Orange Games. […]

Review: EXCEED

In second grade, I went to a friend’s birthday party, and he had just received Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo. Despite being a large group, we decided to watch each other play, with the winner getting to stay in the round. I was the only player who could throw Hadokens or any other projectile. Let’s […]

Review: Between Two Cities

Between Two Cities is clever, quick, simple introduction to both city-building and drafting games, making it an easy recommendation for family gamers. […]

Review: The Rose King

This one definitely holds up. […]

Review: Commissioned

When I first became a Christian in high school – whoa, 16 years ago now – one of the more difficult struggles I found myself in was assimilating into the media of evangelical culture. Overcoming stereotypes from the misinformed (like how playing Dungeons & Dragons is a one-way ticket to hell) was a battle I still […]

Review: Onitama

Onitama proves that abstract strategy can provide things you’d never expect, like thematic integration and infinite replayability, while still retaining everything we already love about the genre. […]

Review: Tally Ho!

When I first became a true “BoardGameGeek,” I began hungrily searching for the best and most well-known “modern classics,” and that search led me to the KOSMOS two-player series time and time again. The most famous game in the line is probably Lost Cities, but there are many other excellent choices, such as Kennerspiel nominee Targi or […]