Game Designer Interview: Kristian Amundsen Østby

Derek interviews Escape: The Curse of the Temple designer Kristian Amundsen Østby. […]

Game Designer Interview: Cédrick Chaboussit

Cédrick Chaboussit talks with us about his debut design, Lewis & Clark! […]

Game Designer Interview: William Attia

William Attia’s resume is not particularly long, but it doesn’t matter because Caylus is on it. After helping popularize worker placement (which is now a standard mechanic in many games), William took a long break, but he’s back with Spyrium from Ystari and Asmodee. See below what William has to say about those games and more:


Game Designer Interview: Corey Young

After years of hard work, designer Corey Young’s debut game Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension is being published by Cryptozoic games. In Gravwell, players are piloting spaceships trapped in a gravity well, whose engines don’t work, but the tractor beams do…! Read below to find out more! […]

Game Designer Interview: Jay Little

X-Wing and Star Wars Roleplay designer Jay Little tells us about the development of these products and more. […]

Game Designer Interview: Lukas Litzsinger

Although Netrunner was originally created by Richard Garfield in the nineties, Lukas Litzsinger is the man responsible for developing Fantasy Flight’s new Living Card Game version of it. Read about that experience and more! […]

Game Designer Interview: Dominic Crapuchettes… Again!

A while back, we talked to Dominic Crapuchettes about all things North Star Games, and especially the upcoming release of Clubs. Now, Clubs is out, and and just this month an app for Wits & Wagers was released. Even more interesting is Dominic’s high aspirations for the future of North Star Games… […]

Game Designer Interview: Matthew Dunstan

Publisher Days of Wonder has established a very particular reputation. For example, all of their games have components and artwork of the utmost quality. They’re also known for repeat publications by established designers. So I was quite surprised and excited to see that their next big adventure game, Relic Runners, was the first ever published design […]

Game Designer Interview: Andreas Steiger

Andreas Steiger talks to us about Targi and his future plans. […]

Game Publisher Interview: Mark Kaufmann and Eric Hautemont on Small World 2

Days of Wonder’s head honchos Mark Kaufmann and Eric Hautemont dish on the Small World 2 Kickstarter project. […]