Interview: Jamey Stegmaier talks Charterstone, Scythe, and Community-Building

My first introduction to Stonemaier games was when a friend insisted I play Viticulture. Another overly complex, boring euro, I thought, but I entertained him anyway. What a masterpiece!Intuitive and thematic, despite being a medium-heavy Eurogame. Since then, Stonemaier games has established a strong following and rapport with Kickstarter backers, recently with a 1.8 million-dollar campaign […]

Interview: Christopher Chung talks Lanterns: the Harvest Festival

We interview Christopher Chung, designer of Lanterns: the Harvest Festival. […]

Game Designer Interview: Sergio Halaban

We interview Sergio Halaban, co-designer of Sheriff of Nottingham, Formula E, and Warehouse 51! […]

Interview: Matthew Dunstan, Brett J. Gilbert on Elysium

We interview the designers of Elysium from Space Cowboys. […]

Interview: Darwin Kastle talks Star Realms, Epic

I’ll never forget meeting Rob Dougherty and learning Star Realms ahead of the Kickstarter at Gen Con 2013. I was wowed to be in front of a Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Famer, and even more wowed by this tiny little game that somehow smushed my two favorite games, Magic and Dominion, into […]

Interview: Bob Kamp, Designer of Choice Words

Derek interviews Bob Kamp, designer of Choice Words […]

Interview: A.B. West and Dan Schnake Discuss Wizards of the Wild

Here at MeepleTown, we don’t talk about Kickstarter much as I’m pretty cynical on the whole thing, but sometimes a project comes along from people I know and trust. The campaign for Wizards of the Wild is in full swing, and this is coming from guys with a lot of experience and talent. Adam and Dan […]

Game Designer / Publisher Interview: Régis Bonnessée (Again!)

Régis Bonnessée has been hard at work since last time we spoke, releasing two expansions to Seasons as well as continuing to expand the world of Dixit as well. Now, this year’s Gen Con will see the release of Lords of Xidit, a remake of the Spiel des Jahres nominee Himalaya, now set in the Seasons universe. Régis was kind of enough to […]

Game Designer Interview: Ludovic Maublanc

Somewhere along the way, American gamers seemed to have forgotten to mention Ludovic Maublanc in their worship sessions of awesome designers Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala. Ludovic is the other half of the Cyclades, Dice Town, and Mr. Jack series of games, as well as co-designer of Rampage (now Terror in Meeple City) and the sole mastermind of Ca$h ‘n Gun$. Ludovic was […]

Game Designer Interview: Marc André

The gaming world is absolutely abuzz with talk of Space Cowboys’ debut game Splendor from designer Marc André. It was recently nominated for the Spiel des Jahres and is considered the front-runner for the win. It’s no surprise, as the game is utterly fantastic – check out our review here. Now Marc answers our burning questions about […]