Social Board Games, Part 8: La Boca Essays, Playing Ticket to Ride & Zombie Dice

Derek’s class raves about La Boca, then plays Ticket to Ride and Zombie Dice. […]

Social Board Games, Part 7: Playing La Boca (and Concept), Hanabi Essays

Derek gives another update on his Board Games Class – what they wrote about Hanabi and how they enjoyed (and dominated) La Boca. […]

Social Board Games, Part 6: Playing Hanabi, Forbidden Island Essays

This week we played Hanabi, last year’s Spiel des Jahres winner. I made a point to tell the students that I’m not just coming up with crazy games for them to play. I had mentioned the SdJ previously, so I told them that Hanabi had won this year and that Forbidden Island was a nominee (Dixit was […]

Social Board Games, Part 5: Time’s Up! Essays and Playing Forbidden Island

Derek talks about the Time’s Up! essays and playing Forbidden Island. […]

Social Board Games, Part 4: Time’s Up!

Derek discusses the Fauna/Timeline essays, and playing Time’s Up! this week. […]

Social Board Games, Part 3.5: Wintery Board Game Doom

Winter sucks. […]

Social Board Games, Part 3: Fauna, Timeline, Wits & Wagers Essays

Derek talks about his class’s experience with Fauna, Timeline, and Wits & Wagers! […]

Social Board Games, Part 2: Wits & Wagers Family

We’ve now had our second class of FIT2151: Social Board Games!

First, let me talk about the essays from Telestrations. They turned these in the Sunday prior to class #2, so that way I could grade them and hand them back. Despite a pretty challenging 700 word minimum (for them – obviously I could do 2000 […]

Social Board Games, Part 1: Telestrations

Derek talks about Week 1 of Social Board Games: Telestrations! […]

Social Board Games, Part 0.5: Aw, crap!

Due to the terrible weather this week in Indiana, our university canceled class for 1/8, which was meant to be day of our inaugural class. We’ll be skipping Skull & Roses / Coup later in the semester now, unfortunately, and instead we’ll talk about lying when we play The Resistance. I know Hearts seems like the easy to […]