Kickstarter Round-Up: Hero Realms, Rocky Road a la Mode, and the Duchess

Derek takes a look at three exciting Kickstarter projects. […]

MeepleTown’s 2015 Game of the Year Awards

Derek elaborates on MeepleTown’s picks for Game(s) of the Year! […]

Something a little different: The Resistance in Math Class

Hello everybody! Between a bruised tailbone (ow), a sinus infection, finals week, and heading to Canada for a conference, I’m a bit behind on reviews. However, I just had a paper published by PRIMUS (Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies) that was on using The Resistance in a discrete math course. We’re allowed to post […]

“Criminally” Underrated Games, Part 2

Today, I’m continuing our series on “criminally” underrated games that have missed their chance in the spotlight. In my experience, most games are just mediocre – maybe around 6 to 6.5 on BGG. It seems that the good games manage more than a 7.0, and the great ones manage a 7.5 or higher. These games all […]

“Criminally” Underrated Games, Part 1

Recently, I joined a discussion on Facebook (oops) and mentioned how much I’d enjoyed being the first written review of Splendor on BGG, just loving the game at first sight, and seeing that love confirmed by many others. Someone rightly called me out that other’s opinions shouldn’t validate mine, but what I meant was more that sharing […]

MeepleTown’s 2014 Staff Picks

To kick off the new year, we’re going to each share a couple of our favorite games from 2014, and then we’re going to give out our coveted “2014 Game of the Year” award. […]

MeepleTown 2014 Gift Guide

This year’s gift list is our Island of Misfit Games, a list of under-the-radar games that are awesome and readily available, along with information on who might enjoy them as gifts. […]

Social Board Games, Part 11: Bohnanza Essays, The Resistance, Reflection

This is it! Social Board Games, FIT2151, is now over for the semester, except for a “finals study break” session we’ll have next Wednesday, where they get to pick the games they want to play. Speaking of that, I gave them a survey and asked them to rank the games, and here’s how they averaged […]

Social Board Games, Part 10: Dominion Essays, Playing Bohnanza

Sorry for the lack of a post last week, and the late one this week. You can blame this new little gamer, who showed up on 4/4/14:



Mom and baby (Elizabeth) are both happy and healthy, although mom and I are quite tired. Fortunately, we have just one week of school left […]

Social Board Games, Part 9: Ticket to Ride / Zombie Dice Essays, Playing Dominion

Derek talks about Ticket to Ride / Zombie Dice essays, and playing Dominion with his class. […]