What is Innovation?

This past week, the BoardGameGeek awards were announced, with Pandemic Legacy making a four-category sweep, including the category Innovative. In that category, it beat out both 504 and Time Stories. This has led to comments from the peanut gallery along the lines of “this is what happens when you let the plebs pick the awards.” On the other hand, I […]

The Rise of Multiple Intelligences in Board Game Design

I’m behind on reviews, so how about an editorial? Err…. […]

Challenge Accepted: Rules in Three Sentences

Derek insists that Kevin G. Nunn’s requirement that family games should have rules explainable in “three sentences or less” isn’t as audacious as it sounds. […]

A MeepleTown Writer’s Post-Mortem, and the Spiel des Jahres

My name is Derek Thompson. As you see by clicking my name up there, I wrote over a hundred articles for MeepleTown over the course of a couple years. Fortunately for me but unfortunately for the site, I began a job as a full-time assistant professor of mathematics at Trine University in January, while completing […]

Understanding Scoring Categories: Fun

It’s great to find a game that’s beautiful, simple, interesting, and thematic – but even with all those qualities, it’s possible that a game just isn’t your style. Next time you read a review of mine, I hope this category will help you decide if a game that looks pretty good is actually great. […]

Lamentations of a Gamer

As the prodigal son returned to his father with great triumphal celebration, my return to gaming a year ago was equally celebratory; albeit without the trumpets, the great feast, or … well, actually, no celebration at all. […]

Understanding Scoring Categories: Theme

When I’m not thinking about anything else but the game I’m playing, when I can’t believe how much time has passed when it’s over, that’s when I feel like I’ve had a “thematic experience.” […]

Understanding Scoring Categories: Depth

It’s easy to subscribe to the cult of the new and always be after the hottest game, but you can stretch your gaming dollars a lot further with games that will satisfy for a long time to come. […]

How To Make the Most of Gen Con, Part 2

Last time, I discussed general preparation for your trip to Indianapolis – food, hotels, driving, and so on. Now let’s talk about the actual convention! […]

How To Make the Most of Gen Con, Part 1

It’s the largest gaming con on this side of the Atlantic, which should be reason enough to go, right? But how do you go about having the best time possible? […]