Review: Ghost Stories

In a recent perusal of our site, I realized that we have never written about Ghost Stories. “How can this be? We love this game!” I said to myself. In fact, we almost always suggest it when someone wants to play a co-op… Or something with a little meat… Or a horror themed game… Or […]

Hillary’s Play On Con Top 5

Hillary recaps her favorite experiences at Play On Con 2014, located in Birmingham, Alabama. […]

Four GenCon games that are now on Hillary’s radar

Hillary wraps up our Gen Con 2014 coverage with four games that caught her attention. […]

Hillary’s Gen Con 2014 Top 5 Awesome Things

Hillary shares her top moments from Gen Con 2014! […]

Review: Piñata

Piñata is a re-release of Balloon Cup, a deceptively simple two-player game. Piñata brings in some new and interesting rules, as well as a return to the designer’s original theme — but is this enough to make it a game worth playing? […]

Off The Board: Becoming A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Star

My Stardust Crew for POC

Hillary discusses the trials and tribulations of making herself into a star. No, an actual star. […]

Review: Taluva

On the surface, Taluva seems to be a fairly standard tile placement game: place tiles, build things on them, build better things, and so on. What is unique about Taluva is that you are allowed to build on top of other tiles and even destroy certain types of buildings. […]

Hillary’s Gen Con Top Five

This year, by a combination of happy accidents, frantic planning and the generosity of friends and family, I went to GenCon. Before going to GenCon, I didn’t understand why anyone would go: it’s huge, it’s pricey, and it lacks a certain “family” or “personal” feel that defines most cons for me. Now having gone, I […]

Hillary’s List of Awesome Things at Play On Con 6

Uncle Sam POC poster

As I sit here, I’m trying to figure out how to condense the awesomeness I experienced at Play On Con into manageable paragraphs: Do I categorize by moments, or by type of event, or by person, or…. Seriously, this year takes the cake and then some.

Let me explain something: I run the open gaming […]

ConNooga 2013 Highlights

Steampunk Ring Created in class

Hillary brings you her ConNooga highlights, brought to you through a “con fog” that can only be cut through with excessive amounts of chocolate. […]