Hello 2016! – Week of January 11, 2016

Hope you all had a great Christmas! My wife totally surprised me with a copy of Viticulture Essential Edition! Can’t wait for that to hit the table. In the meantime, expect a written review of Raptor going up the same time as this, and here is this week’s MeepleTown Musings, where I make uneducated guesses at […]

Game of the Year and Happy Holidays – Week of December 21, 2015

Hey everybody! It is time for our 2015 GAME OF THE YEAR, going up at the same time as this article – although we also give a 2nd and 3rd place. I’m very, very happy with our choices and hope you enjoy reading that article. Additionally, there’s another MeepleTown Musings this week, discussing the idea […]

MeepleTown’s 2015 Game of the Year Awards

Derek elaborates on MeepleTown’s picks for Game(s) of the Year! […]

One Night Revolution: Live Play and Review!

Something a little different – a group format with friends more eloquent than I. Let us know what feedback you have as we continue to work in this new uncharted (for us) territory of video!

What’s new this week!? Dec 14, 2015

Hey everybody! As we continue our text-and-also-video experiment, I thought it might help to just make a weekly post letting you know what all new content is out there for you. There will be a written editorial today (been a while!), and we’ve got another MeepleTown Musings, below:


And stay tuned for a […]

The Rise of Multiple Intelligences in Board Game Design

I’m behind on reviews, so how about an editorial? Err…. […]

MeepleTown Goes Video?!

Hey everybody! I’ve got a new camera, and I thought I would try some video reviews. Here is our YouTube channel. This may be a short-lived experiment, or it may be a permanent switch, or maybe it’ll be a hybrid… but PLEASE give us feedback! And have a very Merry Christmas!


Thanks for a great […]

Expansion Round-up: Dixit Memories, Ticket to Ride: UK/Pennsylvania, Abyss: Kraken

Derek has a triple-threat of expansion reviews for you today! […]

Review: Stinker

This year at Gen Con, I got to meet Nick Bentley of North Star Games, which was super awesome. He seemed like a guy who truly has a passion for games, and even especially for party games. One day, while perusing BGG for heaven-knows-what, I discovered his name as the designer of Stinker, a party game […]

Review: Duplik

Duplik is a unique spin on the “drawing” genre of party games and generates plenty of laughter – and that’s probably all the recommendation it needs. […]