Review: Commissioned

When I first became a Christian in high school – whoa, 16 years ago now – one of the more difficult struggles I found myself in was assimilating into the media of evangelical culture. Overcoming stereotypes from the misinformed (like how playing Dungeons & Dragons is a one-way ticket to hell) was a battle I still […]

Review: Onitama

Onitama proves that abstract strategy can provide things you’d never expect, like thematic integration and infinite replayability, while still retaining everything we already love about the genre. […]

Review: Tally Ho!

When I first became a true “BoardGameGeek,” I began hungrily searching for the best and most well-known “modern classics,” and that search led me to the KOSMOS two-player series time and time again. The most famous game in the line is probably Lost Cities, but there are many other excellent choices, such as Kennerspiel nominee Targi or […]

What is Innovation?

This past week, the BoardGameGeek awards were announced, with Pandemic Legacy making a four-category sweep, including the category Innovative. In that category, it beat out both 504 and Time Stories. This has led to comments from the peanut gallery along the lines of “this is what happens when you let the plebs pick the awards.” On the other hand, I […]

Review: Star Realms: Colony Wars

Colony Wars accomplishes a lot with just a little bit of tweaking – and by far its biggest accomplishment is that my favorite game of all time gets to feel fresh again. […]

Expansion Round-Up: Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach, Twilight Struggle Promos, Qwixx Gemixxt

An eclectic mix for you today! Let’s get to it!

Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach

I was initially a bit middling on Colt Express, but I’ve come to appreciate it in the same way I do Camel Up: it’s a game for families made appealing by unique bits and a strong theme, which overcome the lack of strategy. […]

Review: Eclipse: Shadow of the Rift

If you’re a major Eclipse fan, I think this is one to get – but be prepared for the fact that you aren’t getting the same bang-for-your-$50 that you got from Rise of the Ancients. […]

Week of January 25, 2016 – Live Plays of Codenames and Good Cop Bad Cop: Undercover!

Hey everybody! This week we’ve got two Live Plays! First up is Good Cop Bad Cop with the upcoming Undercover expansion. Keep in mind we played with a prototype. This will be on Kickstarter on February 16th. Check it out:

Secondly, we recorded a couple of games of Codenames, our 2015 Game of the […]

Week of January 18, 2016 – Pandemic Legacy, Tides of Time, Targi

New videos for this week! […]

Review: Raptor

Raptor is -almost- all the things you want in a game – inexpensive, beautiful, thematic through and through – but the gameplay wasn’t quite as deep as I had hoped it would be. […]