Kickstarter Round-Up: Hero Realms, Rocky Road a la Mode, and the Duchess

While we don’t cover Kickstarter much here at MeepleTown, sometimes, names we trust or games we’ve played appear on the site, giving us a bit of confidence we would not otherwise have. And today is one such day, so let’s get started!


herorealmsHero Realms

Though I never got around to reviewing the original game, you should know that Star Realms has become my favorite game. After years of playing Magic: the Gathering in tournaments and a few obsessive grad school years playing Dominion on isotropic, I found that Star Realms was a perfect blend of those two loves – deckbuilding, and one-on-one combat. My only complaint about Star Realms is really that I’m more of a medieval fantasy guy than sci-fi, and Hero Realms remedies that “problem.”

Not only that, but Hero Realms is entering some really cool design space that doesn’t make as much sense for Star Realms. Players can now get unique started decks that represent character classes, get unique “boss” decks for 1 vs. all play, and even enter a cooperative campaign mode. I remember trying to figure out how to make Magic: the Gathering into an RPG combat system as a kid, and now I get to actually play something similar. This is the first time I’ve ever backed a KS before even reading the campaign – I can’t see how Star Realms fans could be disappointed by this one.


rockyroadboxRocky Road a la Mode

In Rocky Road a la Mode from Green Couch Games, players are taking on the role of ice cream truck drivers, trying to deliver treats to customers around the neighborhood and gain more loyal followers than the other players. I had the chance to play a prototype of the game this week, with near-final artwork. The game is a slick, clean design, where players use cards from their hand for multiple purposes: to create orders for customers, to serve those orders, and as permanent VPs and bonuses. Actions and cards vary in power, but are balanced by a turn-timing mechanism very similar to the one in Thebes and Tokaido: if you jump ahead with a big move, other players will get several turns before you go again – but special tokens on the road give an incentive to make such bold moves. Although I have no idea why potholes give bonuses, the theme is really integrated well otherwise. The cards are very fun, bright and loud, as an ice cream truck game should be, and the iconography is clear. A solid game that would be a great game to play with younger kids who are really into the ice cream theme. Rocky Road a la Mode launches on Kickstarter next Monday, June 20th.


boardgametableThe Duchess

Lately, my friends have been freaking out about a certain Kickstarter – but not one for a game. BoardGameTables is bringing the most affordable, well, board game table, that they can do to Kickstarter, with a big perk being a $100 discount if you can get a group of four together. Even if $499 for the basic table is reasonable, I just haven’t had enough problems with my own dining room table to justify such a huge expensive. I mean, that’s 5 orders with free shipping at CoolStuff or Miniature Market! But if you’ve been considering a gaming table, I can’t see a better opportunity coming up than this one.


Hope you found something of interest, and we’ll be back with our usual content next week!

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