Welcome to the new MeepleTown!

You may have noticed that the stream of MeepleTown posts has slowed to a crawl over the past few weeks.  This is because we’ve been hard at work redesigning the layout of the site.  I am happy to announce that the new look of MeepleTown is live, and I encourage our readers who generally follow us via the RSS feed to stop by the site and check out our new layout.

As a part of our site redesign, we are also changing our rating system.  A five-star (or, in our case, “five-meeple”) scale tends to be much more straightforward than a ten-point system, and it becomes easier to use the entire scale.

Here’s a quick description of our new ratings:

5 – We don’t believe that any game is perfect.  However, five-star games are those rare titles we consider to be instant classics.  We feel that any minor flaws are more than overshadowed by the quality of design and the potential fun factor, and we unreservedly recommend it to virtually any type of gamer.

4 – A very good game, one that most gamers would be happy to have in their collection.  There may be a few small problems, or possibly even a significant one, but we expect that the majority of our readers will enjoy this game.

3 – A good game that may have one or more significant problems, or an otherwise excellent game that has a limited appeal due to playtime, theme, or unusual mechanics.  The game may still offer some genuine fun, but this is “try before you buy” territory.

2 – A very mediocre game with several problems that outweigh its high points.  The game has significant issues that prevent us from recommending it to our readers.  Games in this category are not completely irredeemable, and some groups may still manage to enjoy them.

1 – An all-around poor game.  It may have massive playability or balance issues, or it may simply not be fun.  You’d be best off avoiding this.

Thank you to all of our readers who have supported us over the last year and a half.  We’re thrilled with the new layout of the site and plan to continue bringing you the same great reviews, editorials, and designer interviews you’ve come to expect from us.

2 comments to Welcome to the new MeepleTown!

  • Jacob

    I would read your site even if it was a barebones blog, but it looks even better now! Everyone has their own style of rating system, but I expect a 5 point system to be more useful than the 10 point BGG scale. I don’t find that one meaningful. I like the 4 point system used elsewhere and is the one I like using the best simply because we can agree which games are clever designs or have really tight mechanics or strong themes – but we may strongly differ which ones we enjoy playing more. I hope your personal views come through when evaluating games. Thanks!

  • Derek Thompson

    My favorite change is that when you click on the author of an article, their article history is MUCH easier to browse through at a glance. I’m very impressed with the update overall – now I had better put out better content to match 😉

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