Off the Board: Chocolate Meeples Everywhere

Our story begins at Tennessee Game Days 2011, where we first saw a set of beautiful giant wooden meeples.  TGD used them as sign-holders, making it easy to spot a game that needed more players.  It worked so well that Play On Con 2011 borrowed the same meeples.  Once again they were a hit, and I had to find the man responsible. The wonderful folks at TGD put me in touch with Dan Phibbs, who created the wooden meeples.

After some discussion, Dan agreed to make a second set.  This time they would be thicker to avoid the need for a wooden base, and each meeple would be a different brilliant color.  With the plans set in motion, Dan finished the meeples in no time.  But before they could make their debut at Birmingham Game Days, inspiration struck!

In a previous post, I discussed my adventures creating chocolate meeples.  Actual-sized meeples worked so well, it seemed only natural to “go big, or go home.”  My first thought was that it would take a huge amount of silicone putty to create giant meeple molds, and the resulting meeples would be thicker than your average mouth.  After an amusing mental image of a gamer trying to eat a meeple as big as his head, it occurred to me that a popular spring holiday might have the solution: hollow chocolate Easter bunnies.  By making the meeples hollow, they would be both gigantic and easy to eat!

After a quick search, I found a number of articles on making hollow chocolate pieces.  While the silicone putty I used for small meeple-sized chocolates would not work, had the solution: silicone spread.  Using their silicone spread, I could create a 360-degree mold of a meeple.  By sealing chocolate in the two-part mold, I could rotate it to coat the sides evenly.  This would create a perfect hollow chocolate meeple!

Unfortunately, such a project would require a significant amount of time and material.  That’s where you come in! I have set up a Kickstarter project to fund my quest to make bigger and better edible meeples.  With your help, we can go on to make all kinds of meeple-shaped creations.  If you contribute $30 or more, you’ll even receive your own giant hollow chocolate meeple!

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