Live Action Arkham Horror (plus Sign-Up!)

The stars are right, and something wicked this way comes…

Arkham Horror is  a cooperative board game, where players race to stop a Great Old One from destroying the world.  For Play On Con 2011, we decided to create a “live” version of the game.  Instead of moving pieces on a board, players walked between rooms.  Rather than drawing random encounters, we scripted a story in the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft.

The event lasted from 9pm until Midnight. In each half-hour turn, players chose between three locations from the board game. The group at each location encountered the same dark forces you’d find in the tabletop game, using skill checks and combat to advance the story.  Throughout the course of the game, players defeated a wizard, uncovered extradimensional science, and finally faced off against the great Cthulhu.

Here is our intrepid team of investigators preparing for the last fateful battle:

Arkham Horror investigators

During the final battle at Play On Con, Cthulhu was played by none other than Voltaire. One lucky player walked away with a giant Cthulhu plush signed by Voltaire.  The players had a great time, and some even survived despite the poisoned elder sign cookies:

We are currently planning a second run of Live Action Arkham in Birmingham, Alabama on September 24, 2011. If you would be interested in participating, email us at  For this run, we are asking for $5/player in order to pay for snacks/drinks.  Space is limited, so sign up to reserve your spot today!

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